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 And I'm back. I've fixed my external hard-drive, by which I mean I bought a new one, and I've finished my university interviews. I find out sometime before December 20 if I have gotten into RMIT Photography or VCA Drawing or neither. Point is that I now have lots of free time because I am no longer working on my folio. So let's get stuck into some photos.

To get to Sapa we had to take an 8 hour train ride on wooden seats. In the end we opted for sleeping under the seats because it was more comfortable. Then while we were asleep Hana had $120 stolen from her bag. On the up side we met two guys from Canberra on this trip who we spent the next week or so with. The day before this we met two English backpackers who we spent the next 3 and a half weeks with. Good times.

The view from our hotel.

It was a bit rainy and misty, which was a great break from the 30 degree weather we had been experiencing in the rest of the continent.

This is the town square. There was a bit of a market going a couple of days before I took this photo. At said market we tested out some crossbows. 

Jack actually shot this across the town square. Smart.

We went for a bit of a motorbike around the hills, which was just simply amazing. Here's Mike taking a photo of a semi-naked child. Mike was one of the English people we were traveling with. He was into photography and is currently studying illustration. Having him around was great fun. Art n' shit! Best.

I bought a shirt off this girl. She didn't have the colour I wanted so she made me promise to stay where I was and then she sprinted across town. She came back 10 minutes later completely out of breath with the shirt I wanted. I paid her a bit more than I should have simply because she was the best.

We went for a trek! Accompanying us were some young and old local women who could traverse any terrain. In sandals. They saved our lives a couple of times, for which we bought some of their merchandise when we stopped for lunch. 

Here is the lunch break madness where all the tourists get swamped by dozens of small children trying to sell you things because they saved your life a couple of times. 

Some of the ladies that were helping us. They look fairly old but they're only about mid 30's I think.

Where possible we stopped at a river to go for a swim and take a break. For some reason I thought it would be smart to carry my camera across this chest deep, fast flowing river. I got this photo out of it, so I guess it was worth the risk? No, probably not.

Sam's a bit tired, ey? Just before this photo our guide asked us "Do you want to take the route to have a good look at the waterfall or the easier route without the good look at the waterfall? Someone broke their leg the other week taking the route to the waterfall. They were fit and young like all of you. And it wasn't this muddy. It was dry and a lot safer. So which do you want to take?" Hmm I wonder.


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